Toss Up in Svendborg (EJC 2003)31. European Juggling Convention (EJC), 2. - 10.08.2008 in Karlsruhe
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Public events during the EJC

At the European Juggling Convention (EJC) 2008, besides training and show activities for paying jugglers and artists, several events for visitors will be offered:

International Vaudeville Gala Show of the EJC

The gala show is the undeniable highlight of the numerous public and internal shows of this world gathering. By now the show is mentioned in one breath with the German top-level vaudevilles as Apollo (Düsseldorf) and Friedrichspalast (Berlin) or the famous international vaudeville events in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas - one time the gala show is the stepping stone towards the other shows and another time international vaudeville artists enjoy their chance to shine in front of a knowing and acknowledging audience. In summer 2007, works started for putting the program of the gala show together in order to create a unique vaudeville show at the EJC 2008 to fascinate both, jugglers and public!
Tickets are available throughout Germany or via internet, see details.
[Thursday, 07.08. and Friday, 08.08.; at the Brahmssaal of the Stadthalle]


Parade through the city

Sometimes jugglers and artists are getting caught up so much in training and show activities at the festival site that they are unable to see anything from the hosting city.
Likewise, citizens of a city often cannot imagine the colourful bustle of the artists at the convention site. In order to put things right, a huge parade takes place through the hosting city telling everybody that "The jugglers are in town!". About 3000 jugglers will engross the city on the second day of the EJC by crossing the town in a colour- and cheerful parade, in the end joining in front of the castle to watch the opening show.

[Sunday, 03.08.; route: ZKM - Klauprechtstraße - Hirschstraße - Kriegsstraße - Karlstor - Karlstraße - Ludwigsplatz - Waldstraße - Kaiserstraße - Marktplatz - Schlossplatz]


Opening show in front of the castle

The EJC will be opened officially with the show in front of the castle, even though the day before the participants will have started to check in and behind the active participants will already have passed a long convention day and an even longer convention night. At the opening show, Mr. Major in person will welcome all the jugglers from around the word.

[Sunday, 03.08.; castle´s courtyard]


Medieval juggler spectacle

Where was the possibility to see jugglers, and other travelling "show"- people in the Middle Ages? At the medieval markets! One did combine the necessary (or perhaps not necessary) shoppings with copious meat and drink and all kinds of amusement. While doing so, one was hoping to amuse oneself at the jugglers’ spectacle without suffering mischief -sometimes successfully, sometimes losing the overview (to put it mildly), if too much juggling was going on...
At the festival site of the EJC, jesters, jugglers, acrobats, bards, jongleurs and other medieval figures are waiting between and inside the booths of the bargainers and the innkeepers for the jugglers and other goofy public.

[Saturday, 02.08. - Sunday, 10.08. daily; festival ground Günther-Klotz-area]


Show stage of the traveling people

If considered with adequate clapping, each weekend members of the traveling people will reveal a potpourri of their medieval skills on stage.

[02. /03. 08. and 09. / 10.08.; medieval jugglers’ spectacle]


Children’s circus - offers to participate

At the circus tent at the lake, the children’s circus "Maccaroni" offers to train with the kids what the grown-ups do practice at the EJC: circus and vaudeville arts! As a run is expected, participation is only possible after pre-registration at the Stadtjugendausschuss (city youth committee).

[Monday, 04.08. through Friday, 08.08.; festival ground Günther-Klotz-area]


Vaudeville show for children

Like the EJC gala show of/for the grown-ups, there is a special vaudeville show for the little ones: during the week, show people are performing vaudeville arts suitable for children at the circus tent at the lake daily.

[Monday, 04.08. through Friday, 08.08.; festival ground Günther-Klotz -area]


Europäische Jonglierspiele

Venturing a fair guess, most jugglers are "playing children" - there is no other explanation for the great variety and developments of juggled and balanced artifacts. That´s why a competition in the various disciplines cannot be a deadly serious event.
Nonetheless, at the European juggling games top-performances can be seen - who else can state to be able to balance a club on the nose or juggle seven balls? Because there are no established tournaments, one can be curious about the disciplines the jugglers will compete in... perhaps the one who throws the flour bag farthest will be chosen?

[Saturday, 09.08.; festival site Günther-Klotz-area]


Festival Site and artists’ ground

In accordance with the Karlsruher EJC concept, the site is principally open for all public. That is also true for the part called "artists´ ground" inbetween the circus tents. It is meant to be a platform for both, visitors and convention participants to exchange knowlodge and skills, to watch and to be amazed - a merry get-together crossing culture as well as languages.

[Saturday, 02.08. through Sunday, 10.08.; festival site Günther-Klotz-area]

The European Juggling Convention (EJC) 2008 is organized by Pyramidaler KleinKunst-Verein e.V. Karlsruhe in collaboration with the town of Karlsruhe and with support of the European Juggling Association | » contact and masthead